I have not been traveling abroad overseas.

I have not been traveling abroad overseas. I'd like to go. It is a lobster I met in Hawaii when I came across the few overseas trips that I found delicious. Lobster came out at dinner at the hotel, but what kind of dish is best? You heard it is not it? So, the family we were going with ordered in various culinary laws, but I chose steamed dishes. A lot of lobster dishes came out after a while, but none of them was so good and after all I said everyone said that cuisine is better in Japan, but when I ate my steamed lobster, ""This is delicious! ""When. Because Hawaii is an island, seafood is abundant and I think that the material is delicious. However, it seems that cooking law did not suit our mouth .... Therefore, I think that simple steamed dish that does not put extra hands on it is delicious. Indeed, the lobster that I ate at that time was delicious. I can not eat lobster without going on a trip, so when I go this time I think I want to eat again.

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